CRF 2022 Presentations


Insights: Register of Overseas Entities & Economic Crime Bill

Mr. Martin Swain

Executive Director for Strategy, Policy, Communications and Legal Services, Companies House, UK

Entrepreneurship Database and We-Data: Trends in Business Entry around the World

Mr. Frederic Meunier

Economist, World Bank

The EU Company Law Package – New Regulations for European Business Registers and its Implementation in Germany​

Mr. Nicolas Moos

Judge, Ministry of Justice of North Rhine-Westphalia

Insolvency – Legal and Regulatory Developments

Mr. Nicholas Moller

Principal Counsel, Asian Development Bank

European Business Registry Association Activities

Mrs. Ana del Valle

Member of EBRA Board

ISO Standards and Business Registries

Ms. Hayley Thompson

ECCMA’s Standards and Administrative Director

Verification of BO Information and Registry Level

Dr. Geraldine Spiteri Lucas

Chief Executive Officer and Registrar, Malta Business Registry


Maldives Company Law Reform

H.E Justice Uz. Husnu Al Suood

Justice of Supreme Court of the Maldives

Uz. Mohamed Shahdy Anwar

Managing Partner, S&A Lawyers LLP

Uz. Ali Shujau

Former Legal Director at Ministry of Economic Development​

Ms. Mariyam Visam

Registrar of Companies

Future of Business Registries – Digital, Interoperable, Transparent - North Macedonia

Ms. Marija Boshkovska Jankovski

Central Register of Republic of North Macedonia​

Future of Business Registries – Digital, Interoperable, Transparent - Singapore

Mr. Jarrett Tan

Head (IT Planning & Governance) & Agency Chief Information Security Officer Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, Singapore​

Company incorporation in India and Portal upgrades going forward

Mr. Vivek Meena

Deputy Director, Ministry of Corporate Affairs​

Legislative Reforms in Nigeria

Mr. Garba Abubakar

CEO of Corporate Affairs Commission

Revolutionizing the Philippine Registration System at the Onset of Pandemic

Mr. Emilio B. Aquino

Chairperson and CEO, Securities and Exchange Commission

Mr. Javey Paul D. Francisco

Commissioner, Securities and Exchange Commission

International Business Registries Survey & Report

Mr. Julian Lamb

Executive Director, Jersey Financial Services Commission

LEI update by Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation

Mr. Ricco Dun

Senior Business Relations Manager, Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation

ESAP and transformation of corporate data access in the EU for post pandemic world

Mr. Michal Piechocki

Served as Chair and CEO of Business Reporting – Advisory Group

An Overview of UBO Regime in the Qatar Financial Centre

Mr. Abdul Rasheed Kakkot Puthan Purayil

Director, Companies Registration Office, Qatar

Beneficial Ownership Registries - Botswana Experience

Ms. Hilda Mocuminyane-Hlanti

Registrar of Companies and Business Names, Companies and Intellectual Property Authority, Botswana

Beneficial Ownership Reporting Framework for Legal Persons in Malaysia

Ms. Norhaiza Jemon

Director, Regulatory Development and Services Division Companies Commission of Malaysia

People with Significant Control Register

Mr. Martin Swain

Executive Director for Strategy, Policy, Communications and Legal Services, Companies House, UK

From Collecting Data to Truly Servicing Customers - Anatomy of Success

Ms. Ieva Tarailiene

Head of Registry Practice, NRD Companies

Global Connections – Connecting registries and data standardization - Canada

Mr. Hantz Prosper

Director General, Corporations Canada

Global Connections – Connecting registries and data standardization - Spain

Mrs. Ana Del Valle Hernandez

Business Registrar of Spain, EBRA

“Regulatory Use” of Commercial Register Data

Mr. Russell E. Perry

Co-Founder and Managing Director at kompany, a Moody’s Analytics Company

State Registration of Commercial Entities - Reforms, Problems and Future Plans

Mr. Alakbar Mammadov

Chief for State Registration Main Department, Ministry of Economy, Azerbaijan


BR-AG Session

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Foster Moore

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